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Water Distiller Reviews – Love, Megahome, ECOWATER, and more

Edited Jan-26-2011

Back in 2009, I got ripped off with the purchase of a water distiller online.

A few weeks after buying this Love Model 3 water distiller, it stopped working.  I got about 4 batches of water out of it and then it quit heating up.  The distiller no longer gets hot.  The fan runs fine, and the power light stays on, but the bottom of the stainless steel water tank no longer heats up.

Sold by: webeatprices.com

Shipped from

AAA Wholesale
2853 Township Road 249
Toronto, OH 43964-7963

This address appears to belong to Edward Porter, based on the domain name registration of one of his other sites.

I talked with the seller on the phone about the issue.  He told me I could open up the bottom of the unit and look for the electrical problem since I assured him that I am comfortable with electronics.  I am documenting the problem here with pictures and am emailing a link to this page to the seller so he can see what I found.

After I opened the bottom of the distiller, one of the first things I noticed is that the heating element is cracked.

Using a multimeter, I probed most of the circuit.  I found an open circuit in the heating element.  The pictures below show how I came to this conclusion.

Between the two probe points above, there is no resistance so it looks like power can travel freely between those two points.

Again, no resistance between the two points probed in the picture above.  No problem.

Probing on the heating element itself, there is infinite resistance, so no power can go between those two points.

When the heating element is probed from both sides, there is infinite resistance, indicating that electricity cannot go through the heating element.  This probably explains why the heating element does not make heat.  Is it related to the crack in the heating element?

The seller never responded to my friendly complaint about this broken water distiller.  I was not surprised, since I found other people online with similar experiences.  It’s a shame that this product has such low quality and doesn’t even work after distilling only 4 batches of water.  ALSO – the water that I did get had an oily taste.  I had to filter the water in a stand alone water filter pitcher in order to make this water bearable to drink.  I would definitely NOT recommend this distiller or seller.

What Other People Say

Here are three other experiences besides my own:

Rip-off Report

Bought a distiller from American distillers, they go under a few web adresses, www.water-distillers.com, www.waterdistillers.com. Their prices are fine, but the units themself are of poor quality, our broke after 2 months of use. We tried to contact customer service and they never returned our calls. And the man who gets the phone at sales hangs up on you if you ask a technical question. So we are left with a 500$ unit and no way to get service on the phone to try and fix it locally. Make sure before you buy a distiller that you will be able to get service after the sale, because these units break down frequently.

Rip-off Report

This ‘Company’ is in fact a Liar, that operates out of one address, with several different company names, all have the same phone number and all names are by the same person, and this person also has a eBay name. They sell water distillers, that are JUNK! they state on some of their sites a 100% satisfaction guarantee, 100% 30 day return policy, and they beat every ones prices, because in fact they are the only sellers of it. My brothers broke and when I called for address to return and have it fixed a drunk, slurring man said too bad, no warranty. I then asked to cancel my order of the one I had ordered two days before and was told I could not cancel, and hung up on. I called again and again and was hung up on again. I am in dispute of their charge on my American express bill as I refused the item that was sent a few days after I tried to cancel so I never got the item. They faxed American express a form with a box checked that I acknowledged a no return, no refund. I never saw the form before nor did I check any box, I faxed American express my proof of his 100% satisfaction, and return policy and several pages of different company names he goes by. DO NOT buy from this drunken jerk. Google his phone number and see how many different names he uses. He goes by several different ones because he is dishonest, and trying to dupe people. He does not care, and uses lies and forged documents to steal your hard earned money and does not fix the items he sells. Beware! Beware! ‘thou shall not bear false witness’ and forging documents is just that! if you want junk, and no guarantee on product and to deal with a liar, this is the Loser for you!


DO NOT ORDER PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY. MUST THROW OUT AFTER 3 MONTHS Of USE. Ordered countertop distiller, ‘like the one I had for 10 years from Sears.’ This comes with ‘30 day warrantee on electrical; 1 year on distiller unit.’

After 2-3 months of use, the on off switch stopped working. After repeated phone calls, the man there told us to open up the bottom and see if something came loose. Reasonable. When we opened it up, there were frayed wires, broken parts, and looked 5 years old or worse.

Called back and got same kind of rude treatment others have reported. They don’t CARE if workmanship shoddy as long as warrantee expired, and would not give me name of supervisor, president of company, anything. They sold me a lemon and were hostile about it, only caring about whether the 30 day electrical warrantee had expired.

It was the most unpleasant experience I have ever had with a supplier. I got ’skunked.’
Looking around for reputable company to purchase same, once bitten twice shy… “

Megahome – Manufacturer or Importer?

Another website, Nutriteam.com, which has been mentioned several times in the comments below, sells a water distiller that they say is manufactured by Megahome.

I wonder if Megahome is actually the manufacturer, as they say, or if Megahome is just the name of a company that imports these distillers from the real manufacturer.

Here is something from importgenius.com linking AAA Wholesale to Megahome.

Wait… Who makes the distillers sold by Nutriteam?  Who made  the defective distiller shipped to me from AAA Wholesale?  OK, I have already stated that AAA Wholesale is the company listed on the package that my bad distiller was shipped in.  If AAA Wholesale trades with Megahome… and Nutriteam sells Megahome distillers, then I don’t see a difference between the distillers sold by AAA Wholesale and Nutriteam.  Their websites say they both sell the same manufacturer’s distillers:  Megahome distillers.

In fact, the website (webeatprices.com) that sold me the defective distiller sells Megahome distillers, too.

Made in China

Is this the factory in China that makes the water distillers?

Is this the factory in China that makes the water distillers?

I found some details on a Chinese factory that makes water distillers.  [  Source:  www.gyhbsb.com.cn ]  The company associated with the photo above is Shijiazhuang Guanyu Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

Marketing picture from a Chinese website, trying to get importers to buy these in bulk and resell them.

Marketing picture from a Chinese website, trying to get importers to buy these in bulk and resell them.

Another marketing picture from a Chinese website, trying to get importers to buy these in bulk and resell them.

Another marketing picture from a Chinese website, trying to get importers to buy these in bulk and resell them.

Source:  http://www.tradevv.com/chinasuppliers/jld2005_p_de88f/china-Water-distiller.html

The Chinese company associated with the distillers in the preceding two photos is “baistra medical instrument co.,ltd”  But of course, it’s easy for them to change their name or have multiple names.  There is no accountability for the quality of these Chinese products.

The distillers shown above look just like my defective distiller EXCEPT there is no brand on the side.  There’s a nice white, blank spot ready for importers to place their own brand.  It is very difficult to find out from the resellers who actually made these distillers.  Many of the resellers will not tell you the Chinese name of the company that actually makes these things.

There are probably other names associated with these distillers.  I found a list of websites associated with Edward Porter, the man who registered the website that sold me the defective water distiller.  Here are a few more links showing a relation between importers and these Chinese water distillers.




www.cytodoc.co.uk – sells Megahome

Companies to Avoid

I will avoid any distiller that looks like or is labeled with the brand Megahome or Love:

AAA Wholesale – Name on the package that my defective unit came in.

Webeatprices.com – Website I ordered my defective unit from.  They have my money and I have a broken water distiller.

We-beat-prices.com – Same as website above.  Sites look identical.

Wholesalewaterdistillers.com – Redirects to the website I ordered my defective unit from:  Webeatprices.com

A1-water-distiller.com – Does not give the manufacturer’s name, but sure looks like my defective unit.

Water distiller shown at a1-water-distiller.com on Jan-13-2011.

Water distiller shown at a1-water-distiller.com on Jan-13-2011.

In the comments below, Silvia says she bought a unit from A1-water-distiller.com and it broke after 6 weeks.

Waterdistillersusa.com – Site says ECOWATER, but pictured distiller looks just like a Megahome or Love.

Image from waterdistillersusa.com on Jan-13-2011.

Image from waterdistillersusa.com on Jan-13-2011.

Waterdistiller.com – Looks just like a Megahome, but they call it a Love Water Distiller.  Website address registered by Edward Porter with the same address that was used to ship me a defective water distiller.

Image from Waterdistiller.com on Jan-13-2011

Image from Waterdistiller.com on Jan-13-2011

Water-distillers.com – Sells the “Love” Distiller.

Distillers shown at water-distillers.com on Jan-13-2011.

Distillers shown at water-distillers.com on Jan-13-2011.

Why do they say it’s American?  “We have AMERICAN Water Distillers The LOVE COUNTER-TOP DISTILLERS.”  [link]  The Love Model 3 I received said “Made in China”.  Notice how they use the same phrase “We Will Beat Anyones Price”.  That’s the phrase used by webeatprices.com, the site that sold me a defective water distiller.  I would guess some of these websites are all run by the same guy.

H2olabs.com – They do not say who makes their distiller, but the pictures they display sure look like the defective one I got, which is made in China.

Water distiller shown on h20labs.com, Jan-13-2011.

Water distiller shown at h20labs.com, Jan-13-2011.

According to their FAQ:

Q-Where are your systems manufactured?

A-H2O Labs Water Systems are TOP QUALITY. Countertop models are
manufactured in China under exacting specifications.

Thewatersite.com – Sells Waterwise distillers.   Their Waterwise distiller looks just like my defective Love / Megahome distiller with just a different name.

Distiller shown at thewatersite.com on Jan-13-2011.

Distiller shown at thewatersite.com on Jan-13-2011.

Many people are reporting fires with the Waterwise distillers.  I do not know if this is true.  This site redirects to:

Water-filters-purifiers-softeners.com – Same as above.  Thewatersite.com redirects to this site.

Nutriteam.com – Sells “Megahome” brand.

Water distiller shown at Nutriteam.com on Jan-13-2011.

Water distiller shown at Nutriteam.com on Jan-13-2011.

Looks similar to the defective Love Model 3 that I received from webeatprices.com.  However, the power light indicator is missing in the above photo.  Is this an older model?

Steamdistiller.com - Same as above.  Lists Nutriteam.com at top of site.  They say that their units are “made for us in Taiwan, ROC, by Megahome Corporation.”  I question the accuracy of the statement regarding the manufacturer since I found an importer/exporter relationship between AAA Wholesale and Megahome.  This site is registered by the same person that registered Nutriteam.com:  Samuel Allen, 404 Wagon Wheel Rd, Ripton, VT 05766.  802 388-0661

Waterwise.com – Sells Model 4000, which looks just like a Love.

Distiller shown at waterwise.com on Jan-13-2011.

Distiller shown at waterwise.com on Jan-13-2011.

Another website selling the Waterwise 4000 says this distiller is “USA owned – made in China”.  [ juicersaustralia.com.au ]  That’s how I got my defective “Love” distiller… from a deadbeat here in the US selling defective distillers imported from China.  My distiller looks very similar to the Waterwise 4000 shown above.


Notice a pattern?  These websites have different containers to catch the water, but the distiller looks the same with a different brand slapped on the side.  Some of the sites call the container a “carafe”.  Just a fancy word for jug.  If they are all the same distiller, made by the same low-quality standards and faulty engineering design, then I would be wary of buying from the sites above.

Still Looking

A lesson learned for me is that if a website does not tell you who made the product and where the product was made – then be extra suspicious.  Why would they hide the manufacturer’s identity?  A reputable company will disclose the real manufacturer of its products.  I am currently looking for a new water distiller.  If anyone knows of a product of good quality,  please drop a comment below.  I might just make my own.


93 Responses to “Water Distiller Reviews – Love, Megahome, ECOWATER, and more”

  1. 1
    janice fletcher:

    thanks for saving me from making a big mistake… won’t order this distiller… anyone with suggestions for a reasonably priced water distiller?

  2. 2

    Do you still have that glass jug for that broken distiller ? I’d like to buy it from you, if possible.

  3. 3

    Hi Alex. The glass container is THE reason I bought this particular distiller. I refuse to use a plastic container with a distiller since the plastic leaches into the water. So, I am keeping the glass container, but still shopping for a replacement for the distiller. Thanks for your message.

  4. 4

    I wish I saw this post before I ordered mine. I just bought a “Love Model 4″ on ebay from a very misleading seller verycleanwater1691. His company is American Water Distillers or webeatprices.

    First off, the distiller is NOT American made. It’s a cheap Chinese product with defective engineering. It has no UL electrical safety listing. The seller advertised that this distiller had a “splash over dome protection”. The unit I received did not have this. I called the seller and he claims the new production line has an internal one. I shined a flashlight into the opening and saw nothing of the like. I then stuck a thin piece of wire up it and it met with no resistance. My guess is that the real reason why the splash guard was tried was to try and prevent steam from entering the condenser too fast as a cheap attempt to deal with inadequate post cooling. The water coming from the coils and into the plastic container are in excess of 140 degrees. This is too hot for the activated carbon filter to work effectively. Distilled water when combined with an activated filter should have no off-flavors. This distiller produces water with a distinct burnt taste. This is proof that the filter is not reducing voc’s effectively due to the condenser failing to cool it enough. If the water is too hot, activated carbon will just release everything it’s filtered. Further, water of this extreme of temperature will release toxins like pba from the plastic container. I have owned two distillers in the past and i could put my hand under the water outlet and it’s temperature would be lukewarm and not scolding as in this unit. Also, I noticed that my last distiller left twice as much gunk at the bottom of the boiling chamber(I have city tap water). This “love model” has minimal gunk. Where did it go? In my drinking water. This distiller has serious engineering flaws. To be honest, I’m scared to drink this water. I’m not sure what toxins are being created. The stainless steel is also inferior and in no way made according to American standards. It is already pitting and the water has a distinct nickle taste. Again, my prior distillers never did this.

    This distiller is advertised as making a gallon of water in three hours. Mine took four hours. Since this distiller uses 50% more electricity than others, it costs more more to make a gallon compared to a 600 watt machine which takes five hours to produce a gallon. Another of his pitches is that since this machine uses more watts of electricity it leads to “hotter boiling”. Water boils at 212 degrees. And the instructions….The manual which comes with this machine is a two page flyer. It is full of errors and was clearly translated from Chinese to English by someone less than fluent in our language.

    The ebay seller had listed that he accepted credit cards, but would not accept paypal. I figured he just didn’t want a paypal payment but would allow the credit card to be processed using them. Nope. You have to call and give him your card number. Further, if you call his number and try to reach customer service you are bounced to voicemail. If you choose 1 for sales you will get him live. This seller tries to make it sound like the distiller is American made and has repair centers here, it’s a lie. He also says this distiller was recommened by “1st magazine”. Yet, he fails to mention which magazine he is refering to nor a link to the article.

    Stay away from this distiller and the crook who sells it. Your health, finacially and physically are at risk.

  5. 5

    dusty, thank you for your informed post on this distiller. I agree with all the points you raised. It’s a Chinese product, produced bad-tasting water, and there is no customer service. You also made good points about there being no UL listing, no splash guard found, water temp is too hot coming out, etc… way too many problems with this product that make me also question its safety… but I don’t worry about it any more since my distiller BROKE! I still haven’t made time to find a replacement. One of these days…

  6. 6

    Thanks for your thorough post. Great job. I have owned the 1gallon type of distiller for many years. I probably have purchase 4 or 5 in the last 25 years. All we drink is distilled water. My most recent was purchased from a1-water-distiller (the affiliate advertiser on the bottom of this page). I believe they just re-sell for the company you bought your defective unit from. The unit I purchased (Jan. 2009) worked fine, but the motor was extremely noisy and I got them to replace the upper unit which wasn’t much different. It distills a gallon of water faster, but the high speed fan makes more noise. I like the idea of a glass collection jug, but $45 seems a bit high for just the jug. I am in the market for another distiller, so I am looking for a dependable supplier. Did you eventually purchase a machine?

  7. 7

    Jeff, that’s great that you have drank only distilled water for a long time. I would like to get into that habit as well.

    The advertisement at the bottom of this page is generated by Google. The advertisers pay Google, not me.

    I have not yet found a replacement machine. I will post here when I do. Thanks for your comment.

  8. 8

    Earl, I spoke with Caleb(below) last week. They have been importing a taiwan machine for about 10 years. It’s the same look as the other 1 gallon machines. I was very impressed with this Vermont Company — they support their product. I think they are worth calling. Caleb is the son of the owner and knows a lot about the product.

    Caleb Allen
    Nutriteam Inc.
    P.O. Box 71 (404 Wagon Wheel Rd) RIPTON, VT 05766

    [ Edit by Earl: The company above is on my list of companies to avoid. ]

  9. 9

    Here is a bad review about the Nutriteam distiller, seems there is as many bad reviews on it also.


    Unfortunately, mine shorted out on me and started a fire in the middle of the night when it was plugged in but not “on.” (Lucky for us our dog woke us up and we were able to put out the fire,

    Another reviewer wrote:
    water seaped into the electrical base and blew out the lower unit causing a burned out socket and burnt wires in the unit. Obviously a defect in the manufacturing. Would not replace the lower unit. Was told to buy a new unit, it would be cheaper to a brand new one than just the container unit. This is a fire hazzard.

    I decided this distiller was the perfect idea. Unfortunately, my experience was bad. I’ll be avoiding all like products and especially this company’s products.

    The main problem was that the unit ruined the taste of my water, producing undrinkable output.


    Info about gov recall of WaterWise distillers catching on fire.

    Here is info on the nutriteam unit, seems people had trouble with it also


    For an item that will probably be used near sink No ground fault detector/breaker. No safety certifications for fire or electrical shock. No notable fuse. Instructions in broken English. Top unit most likely to get knocked into sink or other is a two wire system. It has only three legs an inch from OD decreasing stability. It does not turn off and reset when unplugged. Does not sense when receptacle is full. Main power switch does not shut off unit. Main power switch cover comes off with slightest touch. AC power is brought to outside of canister right under power switch cover. No seal on power switch and no weep hole on bottom of unsealed canister. Main electrical switch mounted on 3/4 inch square material known to char over time when near heat source. The canister.

    This product may not be legal in Most Large US cities and states. Not legal anywhere in Europe due to electrical shock issues.

  10. 10

    Hi folks,

    Caleb here from Nutriteam.com. I have enjoyed reading your comments and wanted to add a couple of things to the discussion.

    I would like to address the comments by Sonya. Our distillers actually have one of the most highly rated history on the internet. The vast majority of reviews both on Amazon.com and Nutriteam.com are positive. We sell thousands of these distillers and unfortunately on a rare occasion it seems like with any product you can get an unhappy customer. However our product and customer service is what we pride ourselves on.

    We would love the oppertunity to help any of you regain your confidence in a good distiller coupled with good service.

    [ Edit by Earl: Nutriteam is on my list of companies to avoid. ]

  11. 11

    All of these units come from the same place, asia. The megahome unit i had did not last very long

  12. 12

    This man is a scam artist:


    The A! water distiller I bought broke after 6 weeks of use. It stopped working. I wrote emails and my complaint was disregarded and the reply was: you got 30 days to return the product. The electrical parts are junk. I opened the machine to find a burned part. The company does not give the name of the manufacturer so then is no way to buy the replacement for the broken part. This man gives no address. He has bad will and I do not recommend to anyone his products. DECEPTIVE MARKETING, FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. Karma: Too bad he is bringing bad stuff to himself. Nobody escapes such a universal law. I simply rushed to buy it and got deceived by the scam website. augh

  13. 13

    I have also had a bad experience with an American Water Distiller product. I was able to fix mine on my own, since their customer service is, as mentioned above – virtually non-existent. After about 3 months of use, mine was poppoing the top up due to the steam building up pressure. The water/steam wasn’t going through the tube like it was supposed to. After constantly trying to just push it back down, it eventually stopped doing that, but then sounded different while it ran and only gave us half a container full of water. It did this 3 times in a row (the half container thing). The rest was somehow being evaporated into the air in the room. I took it apart (which is pretty simple), and figured out that the point where the tube penetrates throught the lid into the heat-up chamber was loose and no longer sealed very well. I used food grade epoxy and sealed it back up (applied glue to the outside NOT the inside). This got it back to normal and has been working great ever since. Till the next problem. I’m sure I’ll eventually be throwing this out.

  14. 14

    I purchased a LOVE 4 Water Distiller from (Steve) at AAA Wholesale (2853 Township Road 249, Toronto, OHIO, 43964) His phone number is 740-544-5842. I paid $149 including shipping. The unit NEVER WORKED!!!!

    Purchase date 22-January-2010. Received 27-January-2010.

    I contact him on 9-February-2010 to tell him the distiller only produces 1/2 pitcher. He (Steve) told me he would talk to a technician and get back to me, he never did. I have been using the distiller up until about 5 weeks ago-because it at least it produced a 1/2 pitcher of water. About 5 weeks ago the distiller stopped producing any water. It runs until it shuts off but there is no water in the plastic pitcher. I believe this distiller was defective on arrival. I believe the problem is related to the top portion not seating correctly or with a good seal on the boiler. (the rubber seal has always remained at the bottom of the inside metal ring, yet it still does not have a good seal.

    I called him 5 additional times over the last 5 months with no return phone calls. On the 22-July-2010 he has finally told me to contact verycleanwater@aol.com to get an RETURN AUTHORIZATION. I still have not heard from them.

    Somebody needs to shut this business down. They are a total ripoff, the units they sell are cheap knockoffs of Waterwise Distillers. They have no customer service, no warranty and could care less about you after the sale!!

    DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE!! Remember this phone number, 740-544-5842! Write it down! These scam artists operate more generic web sites than you can imagine to market these crap distillers. The same phone number is on every one of their generic web sites. There is only 1 person that ever answers, his name is Steve and all he wants is to sell you one of these garbage units! If you want a good distiller, buy a WATERWISE.

    [Edit by Earl: WaterWise is on my list of companies to avoid.]

  15. 15

    Waterwise gets a lot of not so perfect units. If you google west bend millinium I think is how you spell it, you’ll find out they had a lot of problems with fires. Their 8800 is actuall what sears use to sell,and they had problems with those after I did research. They are all made about the same it seems. Some people are just jacking the prices up real high on them. Also the megahome units are a lot slower, and made out of tin on the bottom that rusts. So there are tradeoffs with all of them.

    Edit by Earl: I performed the search that Frank suggested. cpsc.gov says there is a recall of the model W10120 water distillers, going under the names Millennium, Mountain Stream, Pure Logic, Sci Can, WaterWise, TIC, Usana, Table Charm, Roex and West Bend.

  16. 16

    I am an Electrical Engineer, a Registered and Licensed Professional Engineer – view http://robdavispe.com – and I believe I can help.

    1. A simple repair is maybe all you need. Because a competent and enterprising appliance repair technician should be able to find and install a brand new replacement heating element for you.
    2. I am not aware of the rating of your distiller, but let us say, if your appliance is rated 115 Volt and 500 Watts, then you might want to ask the technician, if they can get you a 115 Volt 500 Watt heating element, and, most importantly, if they can safely install it in your distiller.
    3. That crack in the housing of the heating element seems to indicate that your distiller overheated in the near past. That crack in itself does not necessarily mean there is an open circuit. However, if you found an open circuit, and if indeed there is an open circuit, then — assuming there are neither overcharges, nor credit card issues, unscrupulous merchants, outright fraud, or any additional damages — then all you need to worry about is the heating element that needs to be replaced.

    One issue is price. If you buy a distiller under $200, you may not get features like automatic shut off. And if there is no automatic shut off, then chances are, your distiller needs to be supervised every time it is plugged in. Keep an eye on it.

    The biggest danger is overheating. Overheating can do a lot of damage. One manifestation of overheating is a crack in the housing of the heating element. Another one is a burnt-out heating element. Another one is fire (which you want to avoid at all cost).

    What do you do, if you own and operate a relatively inexpensive distiller with no automatic shut off?
    1. If there are European or North American Consumer Quality Seals, you can feel safer, however, never let your guard down.
    2. Be gentle with it. Don’t abuse it. Let it cool off for an hour or two, before cleaning or servicing.
    3. The most important thing is, never ever let it boil dry. Unplug it BEFORE all the water has been distilled. If, let us say, it takes 4 hours to make one gallon of water, then shut it off just before your one gallon is ready. For example, set your timer to three hours and 45 minutes, and unplug your distiller when the time is up. You will not get all of your distilled water, however, your distiller will serve you for many years to come!

    I hope this helps.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    First off, let me say that I’m glad I checked for complaints and found this site. I was trying to order the model 2 with the glass container for $149. This seemed reasonable with all of the touted improvements. When I went to check out, the only shipping available was for $49, which really seems excessive… over twice what I would expect, allowing for the extra weight of the glass container. I backed out of that and started looking elsewhere. I’m really leery about buying anything like this “made in China” as they can’t resist trying to poison us with lead, sulfur, or plastics in the stuff they sell us. I’m so glad I missed the sulfurous Chinese sheetrock fiasco. My home was built in ’96 before that horror story. Look that up.
    I’m going to cover several things here and give some tips I’ve learned in using these distillers. If necessary, I’ll break this into several posts. Yeah, I’m long-winded. :D
    It has been a long time since that guy posted the pictures using his VOM. I have one exactly like that. He didn’t do the one thing I would have done… pull one lead off that centrally located thermal fuse and see if it was an open circuit, indicating a blown fuse. All of the other measurements didn’t say much. Testing the heating element like that should give an open or infinite resistance reading. It’s the very high resistance that makes the heat. The only thing that looked strange was that there was a short between the heating element and the radiator casing around it. But, then all of the wires were left in place for the testing and there were lots of connected paths for the voltage to travel. I just used that exact type of VOM and tested a good (German by Braun) heating element I just took out of a coffeemaker and with no other connections to the heating element wires, it gives the “infinite resistance” reading as it should… since the HIGH resistance is what causes heat as voltage tries to pass through the element.
    I’ve been using these one-gallon distillers since August 1986 when I bought a house in Maine and the well water had a bit too much nitrates/nitrites… or whatever, in it so I bought a distiller from Sears.
    I discovered right away that it was insane to let the distiller boil dry until the thermal safety turned the heating element off. This was the indicated way to use the distiller and it could be restarted with the reset pushbutton for the next batch. With hard water, you get a lot of residue and crud baked onto the bottom and sides of the boiling chamber which is very hard to remove, even with the very expensive, over-priced cleaner they want to sell you. I started using two timers: one to cut the distiller power off before all of the water is boiled away and another for an audible indication that it was time to refill the distiller. I use digital timers so the one cuts off at 5 hours and 20 minutes, and the audible timer beeps at the same time in the kitchen area adjacent to the family/TV room, and then I can go refill the distiller and start another batch. I run the distiller in the guest half-bath and put a towel at the bottom of the door to keep the humidity and noise in there.
    We use a gallon of distilled water a day at home and whenever we travel. The city water here is hard and the city’s allowable limits for various toxins, bacteria, and so forth, are much more liberal than mine. I want as close to zero as possible and distilled water is the only kind that comes close. Using nothing but distilled water in your coffeemaker, you won’t have any hard water residue or “scaling” to clean out.
    I make 25 or more gallons of water at a time, running the distiller around the clock. I have saved a lot of the one-gallon vinegar bottles that I use in cleaning the boil chamber, and after cleaning them, I fill them with baking soda water overnight, then rinse, and air them out, with maybe rinse them with a little vanilla flavoring to get rid of any lingering vinegar smell.
    The accumulation of calcium and other crud from distilling 25 plus gallons is about what you would get from letting the distiller cut off one time by boiling dry. When I have my 20 bottles filled and am through distilling, I fill the boil chamber with white vinegar to cover any deposits on the sides. It takes more than a gallon and I buy two-bottle boxes of cheap vinegar from Sam’s Club. I put cling wrap over the top and use large rubber bands to hold the plastic in place. After three weeks when I’m ready to start another batch, I use a half inch plastic hose to siphon the vinegar into another bottle for the next cleaning. I do this to avoid siphoning up any of the loose crud and leave about half an inch to throw away. The vinegar gets darker with multiple uses, but you have to add some more fresh vinegar each time to cover the deposits, so it can last for 6 to 9 months before complete replacement. Then I use a brush to brush out the softened deposits on the bottom and sides of the boil chamber. I use a little baking soda to finish cleaning the chamber. This is a lot easier with the long soaking period, but vinegar works well and much quicker than the three weeks or so I use.
    I number the plastic bottles and use the “oldest” first… a little aging… 24-hours or so, seems to get rid of any freshly boiled water taste or smell… and I have NEVER used any of the filter thingies that came with the distillers. It’s distilled city water so it’s supposed to already be safe!
    I’m on my 5th distiller now and it was made in Germany, and has QC stickers and a UL listing sticker. It’s similar to the #2 model with the plastic bottle and 5 ½ hour distilling cycle. The shipping box is marked with German safety labels: Tüv Rheinland Product Safety and geprüfte sicherheit, as well as the UL stamp. The German says safety proven, I believe. Germans make good stuff and this has been a decent distiller, but I have had a few problems… some induced by myself… as in using the cooling fan cord the hoist the top around. After three or four years I had to replace that… no big deal. I have lots of the computer/TV-type power cords, though mine doesn’t have a right angle plug.
    Another problem was the seal failed where the cooling coil extends into the boil chamber and allowed water vapor to condense and build up on top of the gasket giving a very painful burn with almost boiling water when I removed the top… not all of the water was going into the container. I tried a rubber grommet for a year or so and then used Waterweld (epoxy-like putty) from Walmart to seal the area around the coil opening. Waterweld is drinking water safe and can handle the heat without breaking down. It’s used for patching boats below the waterline as well as repairing plumbing leaks. I wish that I had some left when I repaired the handle on the catch container. The “Handle” part separated or cracked around the handle on top of the bottle. I used QuickSteel to patch around the handle. This is somewhat similar to the Waterweld(same safety with drinking water) but has “steel-reinforcement”. I added a heavier 14 gauge power cable to cut down on the cord heating up. After that, I seemed to be getting a tiny bit more water distilled in the same 5 hours and 20 minutes… maybe more heat at the element(?)

  19. 19

    I missed the last part of my cut and paste from Word:
    Now I’ve just stopped using the distiller because the last three gallons have a rotten-egg smell… really… yuck. I’ve poured those out and cleaned the bottles. The 5 or six bottles before that are fine. I’m wondering if I crossed some temperature threshold, at which the “steel” in the QuickSteel is reacting with the water to release a noxious smell, not unlike hydrogen sulfide. I have a bunch of spare parts or whole distillers needing only a gasket. I’m going to try to use one of those bottles and bridge the height gap somehow so that path is not open to dust or anything else.
    My first gasket replacement at Sears cost about $6 plus postage. The next was over $12 plus postage, and the one after that was $18 or so plus postage. I bought a used distiller at a flea market for $20 instead of a new short-term and ever-increasing-in-cost gasket.
    The gasket on my present distiller is a white synthetic one that seems like it’s going to last a long time. It has been in use since November 2005. I use a smidgen of plumber’s silicone grease on the gasket so it’s easier to remove the top.
    I hope this helps someone. I’ve always wanted to pass on my use of timers and vinegar to save a lot of work and money.

  20. 20

    wyntrout, I’ve thought about your comments and would like to respond.

    1. We should not have to perform the repairs and extra work you mentioned. If the units do not perform, we should be able to send them back for a refund or working replacement.

    2. There is no fuse in my unit. According to the website I ordered from, Love Model 3 has a circuit breaker. The man I talked with on the phone offered no help on how to reset it, how to fix it, or how to provide a working distiller for the money I paid him.

    3. “Infinite resistance” on the heating element means no electrical current will flow through the heating element. Current must be allowed to flow through the heating element to create heat. A lower resistance will produce a higher current. Lower resistance will produce more heat. Current is required to create heat. There should be some resistance, but not infinite resistance. There is an open circuit – a broken circuit. The crack in the heating element is probably the problem.

    4. You should not be required to use a system of two timers to remind you to shut off the distiller. That means your distiller is defective, unsafe, or at best… low quality. If you order another distiller that requires repair, or timers with alarms, or gasket replacements, I suggest you return it for a refund. The companies that are selling you these defective, low-quality distillers probably really appreciate your willingness to work with what they sent you, but really, you should demand more for the hard-earned money you gave them. Demand better.

  21. 21

    I’m glad to see that I’m not alone with my distiller problem. I too have one from aaa wholesale, love model 4 same phone # on unit, all the same problems. Mine lasted about 1 year! I tested the thermal switches,both good,but open circuit found on heating element. Won’t heat, fan and top unit still good.
    So, where do we order our next distillers from ? I’m searching and reading any and all suggestions. I appreciate all of the reviews on this site,VERY interesting.

  22. 22

    Almost bought an “American Brand” model 9C on Natural Impact.com for $788. Then I found it on AmericanDistillers.com for $499. The I found a comparison chart showing it was made in China and not certified. Then I found this site and was glad I kept looking till I found everyone’s comments here. Thanks for posting this cheesy company and helping me avoid the pain.

  23. 23

    I have been tearing my hair out trying to find an alternative company and a decent distiller. thank you for affirming what I was doing. These companies are all related. I bought from them, had bad experiences and wanted a different brand. Does Culligan make them?

  24. 24

    Thank you for posting this review site. I was about to order from one of these companies.
    I have had three Kenmore distillers. They each lasted about 5 years. The cost was less than $100 each. Sears does not sell these distillers under the Kenmore brand anymore. They have been replaced with the Waterwise brand. Which looks to be the same distiller at triple the price.
    I bought a 6 stage filtration unit for my tap. The water is undrinkable and it does not remove fluoride. Has anyone tried the top-down filtration units?

  25. 25

    i just bought thew model 9c automatic one. Too bad i didnt read this first. Is there anyone with complaints on this model? I havent installed it yet and wonder if its safe to?

  26. 26

    As a representative of Nutriteam I feel that I need clarify some details regarding our water distillers. I will only provide facts about our distillers as we do not represent other sellers of water distillers.

    Nutriteam.com and steamdistiller.com are the same company. Nutriteam imports counter top distillers directly from Megahome Corp. in Taiwan. They are strictly a manufacturer of water distillers and they can be found online by doing a google search. Our distillers are certified with a UL listing among others. Our distillers use 580 watts of electricity and produce 1 gallon of distilled water in 5.5 hours. We ourselves provide the 1 year warranty that is included with each distiller. You can find reviews of our distiller both on Nutriteam and Amazon that may help. We receive shipments monthly so our distillers are the most up to date distillers available from Megahome. Each distiller produced labeled with a manufacture date and given a serial number.

    Please do your homework and investigate thoroughly before you assume all distillers originate from the same place, and come with the same type of customer service.

    We hope if nothing else this clears up a little confusion for some of you.

  27. 27

    Your company sells the Megahome brand. Megahome has an address in Taiwan and a factory in China. What is the distinction between Taiwan and China? Taiwan is located off the coast of China. Taiwan is also referred to as the “Republic of China”. What matters most here is the company responsible for the defective units, which I believe is Megahome.

    You agree that Nutriteam sells the Megahome brand. Megahome is the same brand imported by AAA Wholesale, which shipped me a defective unit. If you would like to clear this up, please answer this question:

    How is your Megahome distiller different than the defective unit I received from AAA Wholesale?

  28. 28

    Dear Earl,

    The picture that you have written all the bad reviews about is not made by Megahome and I described some of the differences above including the fact that the unit you purchased is not UL approved, and it uses over 700 watts of electricity. It is true that the AAA company claims affiliation with Megahome corp. even picturing some of their units. However, you could simply email Megahome and ask them and they would gladly tell you that they do not do business with this company.

    However, I think the most important point that is being overlooked here is: You received a distiller that was defective and you did not receive customer support and a replacement for that defective distiller. I cannot attest to the quality or lack of quality on that particular distiller because we do not sell it, but I don’t think you would have been upset if the company had just provided you good customer service and replaced it with a working distiller.

    I think you would agree that we all want to purchase the best product for the best price, but when the product fails, what good is a great broken product with no customer service?

    A good company doesn’t just sell good products, they back their products with good customer service, that is what Nutriteam has to offer.

  29. 29

    I too have been had by this very unscrupulous individual. I purchased a love 3 model from webeatprices.com and have tried numerous times to resolve a nonworking unit that failed after 3 months of use. All of the previously posted problems have occured. AVOID – AVOID – AVOID calling 740-544-5842 to order any products. There is absolutely no customer support and the person running this site and many others can not be trusted. I have looked into the unit and the heating element is shot.
    I am searching for a reliable distiller now. I hope that this can help keep someone else from being ripped off.

  30. 30

    Thanks everyone for sharing your experience and sparing some of us the trouble. Thaat said, I am stioll looking for a reliable and dependable water distiller. Has anyone found one? At least I know what to avoid.I would really appreciate any advice.

  31. 31
    EcoPure Water Filters:

    Both EcoPure Water Filters http://www.ecopurewater.com and Nutriteam http://www.nutriteam.com are authorized distributors for Megahome Corporation in Taiwan. Megahome has stopped selling to AAA Wholesale since around 2007 because of certain reasons which we are not in a position to detail here (but which are well-documented on review web sites), which has since purchased its distillers whoelsale from China. EcoPure and Nutriteam have strived to maintain excellent customer service. Feel free to contact us.

  32. 32

    Im looking for distiller too.
    So there is 2 USA made models on Amazon
    Mini-Classic ll

    Steam Pure

    there isn’t any reviews on second unit, maybe here someone have experience with this unit ?

    Mini-Classic ll looks overpriced and I concern why they did just single test long ago without re-checking quality continuously and did not apply for quality certificate :|

    Maybe I getting paranoid, all I want is clean water for me and my dog

  33. 33

    therian, they do look expensive and one had a bad review stating the same problem I noticed with a foul odor and taste. Distilled water should be so clean that there is no taste.

    I could not confirm that they are USA made.

  34. 34

    Thank you so much for posting about the fraud.
    I was going to purchase a love model.
    If you find a decent safe water distiller please let
    me know.

  35. 35

    Thanks for all the reviews, I think I will go with the Sears brand, I am hoping I get a higher probability for a response when needed on a water distiller… who knows.

  36. 36

    some update, I went ahead and get Mini-Classic 2 it it USA made and build like a cold war submarine, so far I like the water

  37. 37

    Got our distiller about 6 mo. ago & it worked fine. I now have rust spots on the bottom of the SS base & on the top there is a little steam deflector under the opening where the steam goes up to be cooled well found it in the bottom of the base it had rusted off. Called them was put on hold & never came back. Would not buy from them again. Cheap China crap!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38

    When I said there was rust on the bottom of SS base. I should have said in the bottom of the SS base where we put the water to heat up. Still think it is cheap China crap!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 39

    I’ve bought several distillers from american water distillers. The first lasted 2 years. The second lasted 1 1/2 years. The third failed immediately and the customer service jerks ran the time until the 30 day return period was up. The fourth (an upgrade model) had it’s seal fail after 6 months. I’ve been trying to get them to sell me a seal but they want about 1/4 of the purchase price plus s&h. I asked about getting a 5 gallon sealless model but they want $100 s&h (about a 1/4 of the purchase price). I tried to talk to them about partial credit for the junk they’ve sent me or at least more reasonable s&h but they hung up on me – twice! They are incredibly rude SOBs and the only thing they have going for them is the low prices. Shop elsewhere!

  40. 40
    hans ducker:

    Thanks for the reviews. until I find a good water distiller USA made I’m just going to continue buying distilled h20 at .88 cents a gallon. No mess, no fiters, no electricity, no parts to go bad. Thanks again.

  41. 41
    victor frolich:

    I would like to buy a distiller
    please let me know when you find one that lasts

  42. 42

    I wish I’d have found and read this website before purchasing a Love #3. I received it today and trying it out for the first time tonight. Already, the fan’s on/off switch stays on all of the time. After reading all of these bad reviews, I’m not expecting much from it. I bought it on Ebay from that same seller and thought I’d gotten a good price, but after reading here, I suspect my email sent a short while ago about the fan switch will probably go unanswered. I can’t understand how this guy has an Ebay 100% positive feedback rating. I paid with my debit card since he doesn’t take PayPal, so I probably have no recourse. I don’t think Ebay’s buyer protection plan will help me with an order that had to be completed over the phone. I may end up providing him with his first negative feedback rating and he’ll probably retaliate, I’m just not sure how.

  43. 43

    Anyone have experience using either the Dol-Fyn by West Bend, or the Mini Classic II by Pure Water?

  44. 44

    I too had a sears model which looks now like the waterwise model. I almost made the mistake today of ordering from the same guy who the complaints are about. He kept downing even the american made ones he distributes which rsaised a red flag for me. I called one of the american made companies and found they had no certification or ul ratings. A matter of fact most of what I’ve researched has had not been. Has anyone thought of turning these distributers in to the consumer affairs through the state? I am so disgusted trying to find a decent unit reasonably priced that works! Is anyone familiar with the crystal rain unit? Thanks for listening

  45. 45
    E Ann Collom:

    In reply to Hans Ducker in regard to buying distilled water…that is a crapshoot, you do not know what you are getting. My water tests 0 on a contamination scale right out of the distiller…we tested several bottled waters and got varying results, but the lowest reading was 40 (Safeway). Why take a chance and trust someone selling water to make a buck (which could come from anywhere) when you can distill it at home and know what you get? I am getting too old and have seen too much of this world to just believe….

  46. 46

    After reading wyntrout’s post I’m not sure I want a distiller anymore. Do you have to do that much to them. I was just going to make a gallon or two every day. I’ve been drinking the 88 cent stuff for years but want to make my own. What is the 4 rating above, acidity?

  47. 47

    I was all set to order the Love Model #3 after talking to the guy on the phone this morning. I’m glad I decided to check out the reviews before I did. I will definitely not be ordering this one! Thank you for saving me from making a costly mistake. I guess I will be buying bottled distilled from the store for a while longer, but I do agree with E Ann Collom that it’s a crapshoot. I still want my own water distiller. Hope I can find a good American made one.
    Now that I think about it, the guy I talked to at webeatprices.com did sound sort of drunk. I had to keep repeating my questions to him several times.

  48. 48

    WoW! I’m glad i found this site!
    I almost bought a love distiller, i called the number for webeatprices and tryed to get technical info and the automated system would just hang up so i became suspicious. Sure enough i found this site, well this saves me a major headache for the holidays, thanks!

  49. 49

    wow- I put my $ hard earnd dollars BACK in my wallet! What a waste of money- sorry you guys had to go through since and THANK YOU for your reviews! Something was telling me that it was too good to be true- a home distiller for less than a hundred bucks?! Glad I listened. Our government should be paying to keep our water clean! – put that’s another rant for another day. Still in search. going to the Sears site now. Keep posting as I am still looking!!!! THANK YOU~

  50. 50

    … sure glad I checked this site. I was ready to make a purchase. From all I’ve read above, maybe no one manufactures a good one. Seems like an opportunity there.

    Any experts out there who can tell me how to build one?
    I have an old stainless steel pressure cooker. Can I add some type of tubing for condensation purposes? If so, what material? Why would there need to be a filter for steam condensation? It should be pure if it is condensed from steam.

  51. 51
    barbara childers:

    I have a defective love model 4 water distiller,purchased from AAA water distillers. Got rude responses,no technical help,no call back,just rotten service.
    Does anyone know where to purchase parts for this distiller? I believe I need a heating element. The cooling fan in top cover works,but heater in bottom reservoir doesn’t. Any help is appreciated.

  52. 52

    We are paying for the drunks, Edward Porters, booze at 740-544-999…also 740-544-5842. My Love Distiller NEVER worked and I can see that the fan is dirty and obviously a USED product. I am now getting the run-around from him (he does hang-up on you when you want answers) and Ric’s Picks….Ric sent me one email and now is ignoring me. Is there not a law to prevent people from ripping you off? I am angry and will keep investigating how this can happen……I want my money back

  53. 53

    They cashed my check and two weeks later the water distiller unit arrived. No installation guide. Customer support is a voicemail to make you think you will get some help – just a way to dodge responsibility for their own short comings. The only “department” to answer the phone is Sales. Whoever it is sounds like he’s so looped that he can’t stand upright. So it’s no surprise that when you ask the guy in Sales to help you track someone down in Customer Service he suddenly goes comatose. No online support is available. No YouTube installation instructions. No idea how the product is supposed to work. No idea given re: how long it takes to fill the storage tank with distill water. Terrible, terrible service. AND the thing LEAKS! In hind site I now realize that all the names associated with this business is the biggest clue that something is not right; American Water Distillers, http://water-distillers.com, polarbearwater@aol.com, … none of ‘em are registered active viable businesses in Ohio. You’ll make your check out to AAA Wholesale, LLC. Mr Edward Porter owns that along with no less that 8 other LLCs all registered from the same Ohio address. Looks like he’s also running with Alibaba.com – yet another tiered marketing scam. There you have it. Buyer beware!

  54. 54

    Wow I guess my son and I have been very lucky as he has had his love 3 for abt 7-8 yrs and I have had mine about 6 with no problems.Perhaps the older the better?
    I was just looking around incase ours decided to stop working….what it would cost nowdays to replace it.Im quite shocked at all the complaints and disapointments.I’ll keep praying mine continues to work because now I’m affraid to buy a new one.

  55. 55
    Eric Christopherson:

    http://www.a1-water-distiller.com is where I bought my Love 4 model. Better customer service. Actually I’ve bought about 4 of them. One I had a problem with and the vendor offered to replace it free. I think the main issue sometines, is the themostat shutting off the unit sometimes too soon. In general the Love 4 on average has lasted men 2-3 years each. Well worth it, even if it lasted only one year for $169 compared with buying water and lugging it home. Yes, they should be built better, but the Love 4 is still what I buy. There is a unit you can use on a gas stove. Most simple design. But I prefer the automatic shut off. It’s inportant to keep the inner boiler chamber bottom clean. Most of the time, I just use a steel scouring pad. It does not affect the taste as some try to say who want to sell you cleaning crystals. I also do not run my water through the charcoal, so don’t have to buy that either. Every month or two I heat up the unit and let it boil a little filled with white vinegar. The vinegar will remove all mineral deposits in boiler. I then save the white vinegar to use next time.

  56. 56

    I wish I would have read these comments before I purchased my distiller. I bought mine from the same AAA Wholesale jerks a month ago. I just got off the phone with the guy and he did sound drunk and he was very unprofessional. He made remarks that were very inappropriate. Whenever I told him I want my money back he wouldn’t give me an answer but another response about his distillers being the best on the market. I told him he’s a scam artist, thief and a liar & that his business needs to be shut down. I told him that I’ve read these bad reviews and told him that he has several sites with different names but the same exact phone number listed for each and his response to me was this “What…Is that a crime?” He admitted to it on the phone with me. I told him that I will be taking him to court. He told me to go ahead and spend all my money taking him to court. I responded saying that in the end he will be paying all of us our money back for bad quality distillers and that his business will probably get shut down. He seriously thinks he can keep getting away with this. When I first starting using my love model distiller I also noticed the same burnt taste and the top cover on my distiller is starting to pop off. I don’t have the burnt taste anymore but the water doesn’t taste pure at all. It tastes like tap water and the distillers filter should still be good since I’ve only used it for a month. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong since the instruction manual is crap and unreadable and that’s when I googled instructions for the love model distiller and came across this complaint site and I’m so glad I did. Too bad I didn’t see this site before I purchased. When someone out there finds a good quality distiller, please let me know!:-) Also if anyone out there would like to be apart of seeing this man brought to justice and would like to testify in court, let me know. A friend of mine is a lawyer.

  57. 57

    I am shopping for a water distiller, and I would appreciate you telling which brands are REALLY made in the USA (or Europe) and NOT IN CHINA! I am shopping for myself and a friend that is fighting cancer, which is epidemic here in Louisiana, thanks to the horrid drinking water.

    You are doing a great service to helping folks not get ripped off. Thanks a bunch!

  58. 58

    I purchase the Waterwise 4000 2yrs ago and haven’t had any problems to date. I was looking for a backup unit in case this one goes out and stumbled onto this site. Glad I did, since I was about to buy from the idiot on ebay. I found a company called mypurewater.com. They make their products right her in the USA. Check out the pic of the 40yr old distiller sent in by a customer for refurbish. These guy look like the real deal to me. They have a counter top model that looks a little bulky to me, but I guess that beats a smaller one that may not work or you can’t have serviced. The only think I didn’t like about the site is you have to request a quote instead of having the price right out in front. Seems they have dealer and need to check the area for a dealer near you. Don’t know why that affects the price. Hope this helps.

  59. 59

    I just purchased a distiller “Love Model:4″ from a website linked to Amazon.com of all places.
    The items has rust stains on teh “stainless steel” inserts, and cannot even close the top at all.
    Rick the website owner promises 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked. Well, he made me explain my problem, and told me that his “shipper woudl not return my money, he would only give me another item. Why in the world would I want another item? This one is brand new, and already has rust stains on it it is also totally useless, cannot close the top.
    I am going to sue this guy, and try to wrap up his business, please email me to cs.hogan@yahoo.com if you bought this item from him. Would be nice to make him pay for his shady business.
    Thank you!

  60. 60

    Thanks for the input, I am ready to buy but it seems that all I can find are on your list. Any suggestions?

  61. 61

    They cashed my check and two weeks later the water distiller unit arrived. No installation guide. Customer support is a voicemail to make you think you will get some help – just a way to dodge responsibility for their own short comings. The only “department” to answer the phone is Sales. Whoever it is sounds like he’s so looped that he can’t stand upright. So it’s no surprise that when you ask the guy in Sales to help you track someone down in Customer Service he suddenly goes comatose. No online support is available. No YouTube installation instructions. No idea how the product is supposed to work. No idea given re: how long it takes to fill the storage tank with distill water. Terrible, terrible service. AND the thing LEAKS! In hind site I now realize that all the names associated with this business is the biggest clue that something is not right; American Water Distillers, bestwaterdistiller. com, polarbearwater@ aol.com, … none of ‘em are registered active viable businesses in Ohio. You’ll make your check out to AAA Wholesale, LLC. Mr Edward Porter owns that along with no less that 8 other LLCs all registered from the same Ohio address. Looks like he’s also running with Alibaba.com – yet another tiered marketing scam. There you have it. Buyer beware!

  62. 62

    To clarify, Megahome Corporation of Taiwan is a distiller manufacturer with their plant located in Taiwan. We (EcoPure Water Filters) and Nutriteam are Megahome’s official Distributors in North America. Love water distillers (Made in China) are not associated with Megahome distillers (Made in Taiwan with UL/CE approval). We (EcoPure) stand by our products and are rated A+ by the BBB.

  63. 63

    I spent $189 for my Water Distiller from Ric’s Pic’s A-1 Water Distillers. The glass jug was cracked the day opened the box. When I first looked inside the distiller, the dome was tarnished and pitted. Eventually, the entire “stainless steel” insides were so tarnished I could not get it clean. The delivery tube that drips water into collection jug is rusted and caked with calcium and lime deposits, so obviously that’s not stainless steel and obviously the water is not distilled as it is the same as what comes out of my tap. The jug only fills about a 5th of the way and the rest of the water leaks out onto the counter and floor. I have sent and save about 40 emails to Ric Deddy, the owner of Ric’s Pic’s. The last couple emails
    he said he would refund my money, but now he hasn’t reponded to my last email. BBB says he had two f’s before my complaint, now he has three. He would not repond to them when they sent him my complaint so they closed the case. I got him to say he would refund my money by telling him about the website I just built and would launch on the google search engine telling people all about his cheap worthless water distillers and deceptive business practices and worthless, misleading warranty and have it right next to his webite on google. I was looking for the one I made when I ran across this one. Like the others, I wish I had checked him out or seen this before I bought the distiller. I built a website on weebly.com because they said it was free, but, I can’t find it when I do a search for it, so I guess I got what I paid for there too. It did, however, cost me a bit of time and energy setting it up. I’m a bit P.O’d at the internet sales BS that is going on these days. Aren’t there any honest retailers anymore? Doesn’t anyone have integrity or stand by their “word” like they used to? The website I made is BEWAREWATERDISTILLERS .COM OR BEWARE RIC’S PIC’S A-1 WATER DISTILLERS. I can’t find it maybe you can. email me at tayloryoung965@gmail.com if you want to add your complaint to the website about Ric Deddy, (owner), too. I once got a car dealership to pay me back like they were supposed to but wouldn’t, by going to the State Attorney Generals Office where I live and filing a complaint with them. I think I will try that in the state where he (Ric) lives as well. Good luck everyone.

  64. 64

    We purchased our Megahome distiller from Nutriteam about five years ago. It performed flawlessly the first four years. Last year I had to replace the thermal switch which I also purchased from Nutriteam. When I had questions about the switch installation their staff was very prompt in providing instructions and assistance. The Megahome has a fusible link to protect against fire. I am not sure if some of the Chinese made units have such protection.

    Typically, we distill two gallons a day, and have done so since our purchase. We wipe out the boiler after every use and boil it out (with the residue cleaner)once a month. The stainless steel boiler is now beginning to pit and a small spot of rust has formed on the dome, however, I doubt if any other brand would hold up as well and thus far this has not affected the taste of the distilled water.

    By the way, Taiwan has a capitalistic economy unlike Communist China and in my opinion products from Taiwan seem as good as those from South Korea or even Japan. However, the quality of Chinese products seems to be more related to the quality demanded by the distributing company (often U.S. companies) than the skill or integrity of the factory, who manufactures per the specifications. The Chinese made distillers could have the same quality as the Taiwan (or U.S.) made distillers if the ordering company’s specifications so ordered…. Personally, however, I prefer to buy products produced by free countries rather than communistic countries….

    Therefore, I would not hesitate to purchase a Megahome product from Nutriteam.

    I appreciate all of the reviews concerning the Love distiller and other apparent Chinese “Knockoffs”. Those reviews (5 years ago)lead me to pay a little more for the Megahome distiller from Nutriteam! And, like others have mentioned, the crud and muck that is left in the bottom of the distiller from one gallon of water will convince you that your purchase was a wise one!!!

  65. 65

    My Love model # 4 stopped working yesterday after 6 or 7 years of excellent service. I came on line to purchase another just like it, but thank goodness I found this site and saved myself a lot of trouble. I’m a little disappointed that no one has had much to say about another brand of water distiller that works well. What to do?

  66. 66

    I wanted to buy one of these small counter top distillers. Thanks for you reviews and save me from wasting money. Durastill makes a good distiller, but they are large and cost more. I know they work very good. I was able to borrow one from a friend for a few years because he wasn’t using it, but I returned it because I was moving out of state. I guess for now I will just continue to buy bottled distilled water or possibly home delivery.

  67. 67

    I bought a purewater mini classic ll distiller about 2-1/2 years ago, it’s performed extremely well and it’s in CONSTANT use 24/7 since I distill the water for myself and 3 large dogs.
    I’d certainly recommend this one, all stainless steel, glass container, it’s well made and heavy unlike those junky plastic $169 deals from China, you simply will never get a quality distiller for under at least $500, and you certainly won’t get anything good from CHINA haven’t people learned this lesson YET???

    Right now after 2-1/2 years of 24/7 use I had the socket the boiling chamber’s electrical plug slides into burn out, it’s about a $5 part, I took the whole unit apart to clean the dust out of the coils etc and the fan this uses is amazingly heavy and well built, it really surprised me. The classic ll is made in America, expect to pay around $599 or thereabouts for it, BREAK DOWN, forget about those garbage plastic $169 pieces of krap and spend the money to buy a quality APPLIANCE that will last for many years.

  68. 68

    Hello All, I’ve just joined the club…! Had my Chinese distiller for approx 7 weeks, the switch stopped working (when the switch was push in the unit would start, but when you let go, the unit would stop) After 3 days of calling the phone number on the unit, finally a human answered the phone. It sounded like he just woke up from a long nap, I had to ask him what his name was, he said ‘Dave’, I told him the problem and he said just a moment sir and put me on hold. After about 5 or 10 minutes of holding, I was starting to get the picture (I was always a little slow, but I usually did get it eventually…: ) So, I called Dave back after doing some research on line. He answered the phone, I said “Dave I now realize that I’ve been ripped off, but could you be kind enough to tell me were I could get a replacement switch. Well, that opened Pandora’s Box…:-) And Dave read me the riot act. I had enough sense not to react, because I realized that Dave was drunker than a skunk and was struggling to pronounce his words and he sounded like he was in the bottom of the barren. My heart went out to Dave; I could almost feel his pain and realized he was very miserable. Okay, so that is not a good excuse for ripping people off…so what can we do, just forget about it…let it go…? Or all get together and get a lawyer? Or all of us take Dave to small claims court? Or see if we can talk Dave into getting some help (when he is sober, that is). Or maybe we could all get together and design, build, and sell our own high QUALITY units. There are a Bunch of people starting to get the idea that we are going to have to take care of our own health and a good quality distiller could sell like hot cakes…:-) I’m just looking for some possibilities my friends. I don’t have much money to ‘retaliate’ with and I’m not sure I really want to ‘push-against’ the experience…because pushing against just may attract more of this kind of thing in my life? Any ideas, that are not to drastic…:-), would be Appreciated, Thanks, Larry

  69. 69

    I have one too. It worked for about 3 1/2 years. I thought the fan was the problem and called him for another one. It doesn’t work either. I think it’s the outlet into the tank because the fan works if you plug it into an outlet. He is very rude and slow with answers but quick to take your money. I’ve used it a lot and the water was always good. The residue left in the bottom of the boiling pot stinks and looks yellow, takes out a lot of chemicals. I use white vinegar to clean it. This thing is definitely made in China, you can tell by the poor translation into Ehglish. The only contact number I have is 740 544-5845, EXT 1 for sales. It’s only one guy there.

  70. 70

    I guess it’s buyer beware:

  71. 71

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this, I nearly ordered one of these units…the comments here go back YEARS!!!

  72. 72

    I’m now looking at a non-electrical unit that I would use on the stove top. It would have to be timed and monitored, but when I read here the horror stories of the electrical units and the life expectancy of even the “good” ones, I think this might be my answer. The only one I see so far is from Waterwise (ugh), but it isn’t electrical/mechanical.?. Does anyone have any comments or any experience w/ these? It seems it could be worth the extra money not having to be replaced in 3-5 years (if lucky). Could it be a viable solution? Thanks for all the input, saving so many of us from the hassles & $ loss you all dealt with!

  73. 73
    Aito Lager:

    Really when you think about it , why is there not all glass distiller. Hell ill make one from something but id rather buy one than use my time on this. It could be really simple , something to heat the water , some coil where the water gathers , then it should slope down and the vocs would escape and the water roll to my mug :) , all this from glass parts. Ceramics would do too, and chancing some carbon filter all the time is not my thing.

  74. 74

    Wow, its pretty crazy reading these reviews as I bought a loves distiller about 1 year ago from Rick at AAA and have never been happier. I use my distiller non-stop and have yet to have one iota of an issue. May be because I have a filtration unit on my house so the water is pretty polished off coming in to the home. I still get some build-up every 6 weeks in the distiller and clean it out and start her up, going 3xs a day.
    Sorry you guys have had bad experience but Im totally satisfied with my purchase. I did alot of research before purchasing and basically they are all from china or elsewhere but for the price IM very satisfied.
    Good luck in your hunt.
    Kim from Florida

  75. 75

    beware I just tested positive for nickel not sure if it’s from this machine but I believe it is

  76. 76

    I have used the machine for three days now. It works fine but the smell from the fan is making the water taste strange. Distilled water is like a magnet for air pollution. And there was black oil inside the stainless steel tubing that the distilled water was coming out through! Pitch black petroleum oil! I cleansed with tops in both ends and poured boiling hot water mixed with detergent into the spiral tubing to disolve the black grease. My solution for a good result is to put the machine outside in freshy air so the water doesnt pick up the taste from the air. Now the water is very tasty. I add a bit of sodium bicarbonate to alkalize too.

    Regarding nickel, its part of dental amalgam, so if you have fillings, thats a source. Also stainless cookingpots, forks, spoons, knives etc give off nickel. Nickel is what makes steel the nice shine, otherwise it looks dull satin. I use enamel cooking pots.

  77. 77

    Thank you people for all the information. So far, I can’t understand to which brand I can trust to.
    Perhaps any conclusions for water distillers that work in Europe 220V and are not made in China?
    Really confused…

  78. 78

    I bought a Love Water Distiller, the one with stainless steel inside and a glass bottle.
    I followed the directions and ran it one time before drinking. After running it one time, the unit never turned on again! I called the guy in OH, near Canton, OH and he promised to send me another. That was two months ago. Nothing has arrived. I get the feeling from all your comments that I have been skunked! Has anybody found a DECENT working countertop distiller?

  79. 79

    I read all of your reviews, but none of the reviews mentions where i can buy a good quality water distiller. I appreciate the comments, but come someone give us some good news where all of us can go and buy a decent water distiller. Pardon the french but it just sounds like a broken record, all us need help in finding a good product and spread the word.

  80. 80
    Lisa F:

    I bought a’Love 4′distiller from American in 2007 to replace the broken Waterwise distiller (purchased at retailer here in NY) because this was before there was internet shipping from their website. I had used it every day for 7 years. Because it looked the same only was 1/3 the price, I opted for the Love. They do look almost identical. The only difference was the power cord was not removeable like my old one, and it was noisier.
    This is going on 8 yrs and the Love 4 is still working fine. Perhaps I just got lucky. I think there are issues with consistancy with all imported electronic devices. I’m looking for a second one for a friend. I’m going to suggest buying a Waterwise thru Amazon because at least there is a month return policy.

  81. 81

    I am in Korea and ordered one from china. after first use it had spots on the stainless steel insert which has just been getting worse and is now affecting the taste of the water. first of all it came with a cord that they only use in China and couldn’t find another cord anywhere. i asked them to send me another cord and they said they cannot. When i couldn’t find the cord anywhere i wanted to send it back and get my money back and they said it was too late- since it was after 7 days of receiving it. found a cord that could match it online and be used in Korea. the cover for the glass container that catches the water didn’t fit properly and had a rubber piece that goes between that would do nothing but fall off when you tried to put the cover on which didn’t fit right and then after all of that it gets spots inside the distiller after using it one time.

  82. 82

    Still looking but here is a link to make your own water if you so choose. If you are worried about voc trow it tru a brita pre or post your choice.

  83. 83

    and also it never hurts to call a companies(for any product)service department to see how well they respond to your inquiries. Good customer service will respond within 24 hours. Great customer service will be much sooner.

  84. 84

    So has anyone found a quality water distiller they’d recommend? I found a lot of what to avoid in this litany of posts, but none saying what to get. I’m considering a Zero Water system, but don’t like the price of the filters – $15 each and lasting only 15 gallons worth. I’d rather invest up front in something that will last and get me more bang for my buck. Anybody?

  85. 85
    Mark Messa:

    I’m from Brazil and recently I bought a water distiller very similar to yours (www.biowatersystem.com.br). And, as you mentioned, the taste of the water is terrible. It seems like burnt oil, impossible to drink. I have already tried several things, but the bad taste continues:
    - run several cycles with and without post carbon filter
    - run several cycles with and without vinegar
    - fill the boiling chamber with tap water, filtered water and pre-heated water (to allow all VOC’s to evaporate)

    I’m still talking with the retailer but it doesn’t seem it would be a happy ending.

    Let me know if you have any idea: mkms2011@bol.com.br

  86. 86
    Mark Messa:

    Just a small feedback:

    In my case, the bottom piece of the cooling coil is made of plastic. I’ve tested several configurations and I’m pretty sure that this is the cause of the bad taste. Unfortunately, this is a design flaw which I don’t have much to do.

    So, I decided to give up on trying to fix my distiller and now I’m considering using the boiling chamber for other purposes. I tried to cook some pasta but the metal taste is disgusting (seems like sanitary water), at least boil some eggs seems to work fine!
    (let´s see the bill at the end of the month)

    Send me an email if you have any comments: mkms2011@bol.com.br

    ps: made in china never more!!!!

  87. 87
    Scott Smith:

    After reading this post I have avoided this cheap Chinese water Distiller. I picked up a Pure mini classic 2 on ebay. It is used with 8 years of use and still works like a charm. Picked it up for 208 and free shipping. I would advise others to do the same. It is American made and looks/feels like a quality piece of equipment that will last many many years. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to all who contributed their experiences with this “megahome/love/a1/”piece of junk

  88. 88
    Rebeca M:

    I just received my first water distiller. It is not labeled any of these names, but it looks exactly like the pictures you’ve posted here. Mine is called MD4 water distiller from meditecheurope.nl
    I have just finished my first batch of distillation and was trying to find details on the mineral gunk left in the tank. That is how I came across your website. Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep an eye out for the longevity of this machine.

  89. 89

    Hi All:

    Thanks for the interesting discussion. I think that Scott is right. The Pure Water brand distillers from a company called Pure and Secure are great. They are made in the USA in Nebraska somewhere (I believe) and the stainless steel is rugged and heavy duty. They make a really dependable product. It’s a little more money than the Chinese products but not really all that much. I have a SteamPure unit from them and it is fantastic and reliable.

  90. 90

    Am I the only person with a Ric’s picks water distiller that’s a few years old and still working? I just needed new filters.. Wow!

  91. 91
    wanda scanlon:

    i purchased a love distiller a few weeks ago and it was disfunctional…leaking water all around the seal..i called and talked to dave and he said he would send a replacement…it leaked worse than the first one..and could have caused a fire or electricution because the electric cord and the cord to my coffee pot and my battery charger were all covered with the leaking water…i had a gallon of water on my kitchen floor, all over my cabinet and it actually warped the mop board on the floor…i have called almost constantly the last 3 days and no one answers the phone…or sometimes it goes to voice mail and announces the mail box is full to call back….i have turned this over to my credit card company and they are doing an investigation and said i will not be charged for the cost of the distiller, they will get it back from the dealer…and yes, his voice is slurred and sounds as if he has been drinking..meantime, i am concerned with the fact he has my credit card number, so i have cancelled my card and getting a new one to replace it.BUYERS BEWARE !!

  92. 92

    I bought a Model 9-C from American Water Distillers 10 years ago. The guy on the phone, “Dave” did in fact sound drunk but I bought the unit anyway. The heating element stopped working 1 year later and I ordered a new one for 120.00 dollars! It had a slight coating of grease or oil on it so I cleaned it off and installed it. It stopped working 4 weeks later so I called “Dave”. He said that I connected it wrong! He was very belligerent and refused to consider that it was bad from the beginning. I hung up and searched the web and found Nutriteam. They send me a new element for 75 bucks I installed it and it is still working today.
    I clean my boiler box twice a year even though it could be done more often.

    Overall the 9-C was a very good quality purchase but after reading these other comments, it seems I dodged a bullet.

    My quest now is to find a site that sells boiler pots, filters, faucets and such for the 9-C type of automatic distiller.

    Any sites out there that you could recommend?

  93. 93

    Very interesting. I have been using an H2Olabs distiller for the past 3 years. The seal between body and head started leaking about 12 months ago and I thought the thermal switch had died recently.
    They sent me a new one, which was reasonably priced but they charged me £6.50 to deliver it and it took over a week to come – not the best.
    I am now looking for a replacement and “almost” bought a cheaper one before finding this discussion.
    Right now I don’t know what to do – is 3 years an acceptable life for a distiller? Is the extra £50-£60 justified to get another H2Olabs one, not risking buying a cheaper one? Seems they are all from china – I don’t have a problem with this but the truth remains – the BEST and the WORST comes from China which makes it a minefield when making decisions like this.
    Maybe I should just try to get a replacement element.

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