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Sunflower Petals – Edible or Poisonous?


Many pages on the web say that sunflower petals are poisonous and are not edible.  Even a book in print states this.  [The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods]

Well, I ate some sunflower petals and I still feel good and I’m alive, so what’s up?

DANGER!  Maybe sunflower petals are poisonous, so rely on your own research before ingesting.  Some people may be allergic to the pollen.

On Jun-18, I ate two petals.  On Jun-19, I ate eight more.  I ate them raw, without cooking.  As of Jun-20, I still feel great with no symptoms of any poisoning.

The yellow color of the petals is most likely due to it containing Chlorogenic Acid, which is naturally a yellow to orange color and gives many other plants their yellow/orange color.  [ source ]  And Chlorogenic Acid is shown by science to be very beneficial.

Sunflowers have the scientific name:  Helianthus annuus.


One study showed that sunflower petals contain a compound with  anti-inflammatory activity.  This is a good thing.  [ study performed by the College of Science and Technology, Nihon University, in Japan]


Chlorogenic Acid is an antioxidant.


“The Mayans prepared a love potion from sunflower petals that they avidly drank as an aphrodisiac.”  [ source ]

Other benefits of Clorogenic Acid

Protects the liver.  [ source ]

prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  [ study ] and cardiovascular disease.

Other foods that contain Chlorogenic Acid

apples – fresh apples have much higher concentrations than apple  juice. [ source ]

artichoke, in the same Compositae family as sunflowers.  [ source ]



cumin [ source ]

grapes [ source ]

potatoes [ source ]

The following video shows a cook getting fancy preparing a sunflower head and says the petals are like candy.

If I ever cooked a sunflower, I would probably keep it basic and save a lot of time.  The way he cooks looks overwhelming, but he is illustrating my idea that sunflower petals are edible.  So why do so many others say the petals are poisonous?  What exactly is the poison that so many people are afraid of?  It might be misinformation.

6 Responses to “Sunflower Petals – Edible or Poisonous?”

  1. 1

    I eat them in freshly grown salad greens, along with basil and tomatoes myself. Red, green and yella’ makes for a healthy fella’. Came across your post while doing a bit of personal research on the petals of the sunflower plant. Thanks for being daring by the way.

  2. 2

    I just planted some, and started eating the petals. They taste a bit buttery actually. Very nice, and I have suffered no side effects. The body’s sense of taste tells you what you need. I would prefer to rely on sensible native folklore than our “modern-day science” a lot of which 500 years from now will be considered medieval witchraft.

  3. 3

    Interesting point. :-) I think the older generations, which were more self-sufficient, were much better prepared for food shortages and had more nutrition in their diet and less chemicals and poison in their food. Glad you like the petals. The yellow color could be very healthy, high in antioxidants.

  4. 4

    Sunflowers are VERY closely related to jerusalem artichokes, which are native here in North america and were food for native tribes. They have been eaten for quite some time, here is a reference.
    from the book, Edible Flowers – From Garden To Palate, by Cathy Wilkinson Barash:
    Sunflower (Helianthus annus) – The flower is best eaten in the bud stage when it tastes similar to artichokes. Once the flower opens, the petals may be used like chrysanthemums, the flavor is distinctly bittersweet. The unopened flower buds can also be steamed like artichokes.

  5. 5

    Thanks for sharing what you know. I would like to try eating the food as you described. Regarding the people you mentioned that used them as food, I wonder why they are called Indians. India is a big country on the other side of the sea. I wonder if some of these people immigrated to this land from India. They do share common physical qualities.

    People have been using boats successfully since the time of Noah. A great flood around 4,400 years ago took away all the people, except for the remnant that entered the ark and rode out the flood. That ark rested on mount Ararat, which is near a land we today call Turkey, where they have the Noah’s Ark National Park. Civilization restarted there, and since the great flood most of our families have been immigrating to new lands, being scattered abroad. The Indians also immigrated here.

    Carbon dating does not work reliably, and our history has been hijacked. Evolution is a lie. We are created beings and we have a God. I want you, the reader, to know that true history is found in the KJV, which tells us how civilization began. The KJV also tells us how the Lord Jesus died at the hands of sinners, when the Jews went to the Roman government to demand his death. Death can not keep hold of Jesus and he rose from the dead. The Lord Jesus is powerful to save anyone that calls on his name. Jesus came to save the world and he will return for vengeance against the wicked, in a way similar in magnitude to how the old world was wiped out by the great flood. Learn our true history and the truth shall make you free.

  6. 6
    billy balls:

    Butchered chickens used to look so white and devoid of colar lying there in the meat case. Then along came Frank Perdue who discovered that by adding extract of or sunflower petals themselves to chicken feed he could change the color of the chicken skin to yellow. His yellow skined chicken corpses lying there in their polyplastic wrapings had so much more eye appeal. Purdue used to use their chickens’ yellow skin in their advertisments.

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