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Is That Food Organic? Labels Tell You: 3 4 8 9 ???

What do these labels mean on fruit and vegetables?

What do these labels mean on fruits and vegetables?

These PLU numbers are the “Product Look-Up Numbers”.  The leading number gives you useful information, if you know the code…

I remember the code on fruit and veggies using a simple rhyme…

8, I hate. It’s GMO!  :-(

9 is fine.  Organic.  :-)

All others, like 3 or 4, are neither GMO or organic.  They are conventionally grown.  This means the growers could have applied poisons to the food, including pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizer.  But the food itself is not genetically modified.

8, I Hate

I never buy food labeled 8, because that’s the one I hate. GMO food has not been sufficiently tested for safety, in my opinion. Where are the studies showing GMO food is safe? And why are companies like Monsanto and Bayer modifying the genetic code in a lab instead of through natural selection?

[Edit, Jan-15-2013:  I have since realized that Evolution is a lie, a false religion.  There is no credible evidence to support Evolution.  I looked and found none.  God has designed all the food that is good to eat.  God is perfect and already made the plants to be good.  Companies that genetically modify the plants for financial gain are going against God's design and are asking for trouble.  The love of money is the root of all evil... 1 Timothy 6:10 KJV]

These powerful corporations want to prevent you and me from saving our seeds and growing our own food. They use the government to enforce their patents and to prosecute farmers. There is so much written about this already on the web, so if you want to learn more, a simple search will tell you a lot.

3 or 4

An orange with PLU code 3107

An orange with PLU code 3107

If we buy 3 or 4, we are sure to wash the food thoroughly before cooking or eating.  The orange peel above could be saturated with poisons, so I would not use the peel in any recipe.

Mango grown conventionally.

Mango grown conventionally.

This mango's PLU code (4959) starts with a "4", meaning it is conventionally grown.

This mango's PLU code (4959) starts with a "4", meaning it is conventionally grown.

The mango above is not organic.  It is conventionally grown.  I don’t like that word choice because it sounds so… normal.  It is a sad state of our farming practices when it is “normal” to spray food intended for human consumption with poison.  No wonder people continue to get sicker.   If you see on the label a number beginning with a 3 or 4, that food could contain poisons like pesticides and herbicides and could have been grown with synthetic fertilizer from petroleum.  I would much prefer a mango that had a PLU code starting with a “9″, which is “fine”.

If an apple is conventionally grown and starts with a 3 or 4, I wash the apple, then peel the skin off and discard.  There are probably poisons sprayed on the skin and I do not feel right about feeding that to my family or myself.

9 Is Fine

Organic apples, Fuji variety

Organic apples, Fuji variety

9 is fine.  This is the good stuff.  It’s organic, not genetically modified and not coated with poison.  This is how food had been grown for thousands of years until the recent changes made by corporations, tainting our food supply with their poisons.

An organically grown Fuji apple

An organically grown Fuji apple

If an apple has the leading digit of “9″… it’s fine…it’s organic.

This PLU sticker has a leading number 9, which is fine:  it was grown organically.

This PLU sticker has a leading number 9, which is fine: it was grown organically.

I read that apple skins are healthy, as long as they are organic without applied chemicals.  I might eat the apple’s skin if the PLU code starts with “9″.  If the PLU code starts with a “3″ or “4″, I will surely discard the apple peel.  If the PLU code starts with “8″, which I hate… well, then, that apple would never make it to my house as we wouldn’t buy it.


Know your PLU codes and live healthier and happier.

9 is fine!

Reference:  http://energyfanatics.com/2009/04/24/fruit-label-organic-genetically-engineered/

46 Responses to “Is That Food Organic? Labels Tell You: 3 4 8 9 ???”

  1. 1

    To whom it may concern,

    I’ve been reading about PLU codes and have done my own investigative work here
    locally at a couple of grocery stores. I have seen traditional PLU’s and organic PLU’s
    but nothing with an 8 followed by four digits indicating GMO. Where are the GMO’s, not
    that I’m in a hurry to cunsume any?



  2. 2

    Foods which have labels beginning with a 3 are genetically-modified, such as the papayas that are commonly sold across the USA.

  3. 3

    Here is another good source of info on this topic. http://news.consumerreports.org/health/2010/05/decode-your-produce-what-do-plu-codes-mean-when-to-buy-organic-fruits-and-vegetables.html

  4. 4

    Sorry, Janelle, I checked both documents you sited and there is no mention of a four digit code beginning with a 3 that is GMO. It does mention that spraying with pesticides is present. Back in the 1990’s when all this started, I use to see all the codes except for the 3 code. Since then, many sources of all types have declared the 3 code to point to heirloom produce. But, according to the docs you presented, they state that the 4 and 3 codes are both conventional. One, the 4, being North American, East; and 3 being North America. Since I’m just now starting to see a flow of the 3 code, I wonder if it is indeed a heirloom that has the potential of being sprayed, or the possibility of cross-contamination. Either way, the 9’s have it!

  5. 5
    DJ Heinze:

    Since sticker codes beginning with number 3 are always on the cheapest fruits, I avoid them.

  6. 6

    I manage a produce department and i can assure that 3 does NOT mean genetically altered in any way. We dont carry any items with a plu that begins with an 8. But i do carry several items that begin with 3. Some of these include Honeycrisp Apples, Navel Oranges and Satsuma Tangerines. The 3 at the beginning, i believe, means that they are seasonal items. Meaning, they are not available year round or their country of origin may change as the seasons change.

  7. 7

    My daughter is doing a science project on GMO papayas and this is what we found: we bought Chula Vista papaya starting with code 3. We then found out that the only variety Chula Vista grows is Tainung type. This is a hybrid type tolerance resistant to the PRSV ( papaya ring spot virus). She concluded that Tainung papayas must also contain Genetic modification since there are no naturally PRSV resistant papayas in this world.


  8. 8

    Hey i have a major concern im four and a half months pregnant and try to avoid gmos at all costs. Well tonight my brother brought me tomatoes with a plu beginning with 3 on them and im concerned they are gmo. Ive been looking up on a bunch of websites an cant get a legit answer… please someone help.

  9. 9

    Hi Jayme,

    Avoid 3 and 8 whenever possible at all cost (which means you have to throw them away). 8 is GMO and so is 3 from the information I got many years ago. When in doubt, especially during pregnancy, always purchase fruits started with 9. Even with organic produce, make sure you wash them with veggie wash before you eat considering chemtrails heavily above the skies of those organic farms especially those in California

  10. 10

    labeling food with the number 8 is not required by the government. So they don’t. If you see one its because the grocer is being honest.

  11. 11

    A store in Arkansas is selling organic apples, with the PLU codes showing the leading number of 9, which is fine, because it is grown the way God intended: without poison, but just with good organic care. I added new pictures to this post showing a PLU label for organic produce sold under the superfreshgrowers.com brand.

  12. 12

    We need to do some of our own gardening or join a CSA – cooperative.

  13. 13

    I got mandarin with 5 digit starting with “7″

    what is that mean?

  14. 14

    7 is transistional…meaning the grower used pesticides in the past and moving to organic.

  15. 15

    Ok SO I bought some Fuji Apples and the PLU code started with a number 5 What does number 5 Mean I never saw this before?

  16. 16

    What I know code starting with 5 is GMO too. The Non GMO project poster pic with codes and said there that 5 is GMO and we need to avoid it. 3 is cheap and I’m not buying it at all.

  17. 17

    I brought organic strawberries at trader joes and the SKU# starts with 8…
    How is this possible?
    Thank you
    Infact… I got organic lemons, blackberries and neighter starts with 9 but it has the usda organic stamp on it…

  18. 18

    I see that in the wholefood is same 69348 is show that is organic but start with the 6 and then the 9

  19. 19

    I also use the “9 is fine,” “8 I hate” mnemonic!

  20. 20

    Keep in mind also that even with organic, a lot of farming practices such as mono-cropping or not replenishing the soil lead to greater rates of nutritional depletion of that soil – which means the food produced, even if organic, may not have the same nutritional content nowadays as the same item would have a few generations ago.

  21. 21

    I shop in Whole Foods and I see a lot of barcodes that start with 8, but the label on it says Organic, is it really organic?

  22. 22
    Elizabeth Villalobos:

    Hi All

    I am very conerned that who ever is in charge of our foods is trying to confused us. How can we fight back, Organic is 9, but I have been seeing alot of fruits starting with 3 I am concerned.


  23. 23
    Judi Young:

    I start to worry if those money lovers from mainland China learn about the code, they will start to print all “9″ codes and even sell them overseas. That would really confuse us. Who will spend money to test all the fruits?

  24. 24

    Hi, I do a lot of purchasing and research. There is much confusion at present about barcodes for veggies and fruits. It almost appears intentional, so I sort of assume it is, at least partly. The finest approach is to search online or ask your grocer which strain is being vended. If it is a strain bred to be resistant to certain molds, fungus or insects, it is almost certainly not conventional or heirloom, but genetically manufactured. Check two or three of the foods beginning with a 3 and if you see a pattern of selective breeding for resistance, don’t buy. Resistant foods are heavily contaminated with Roundup and similar pesticides. Only organic farming practices result in yields that are naturally resistant to pests and fungus.

  25. 25
    Nicholas Hummel:

    I’m new to the organic revolution if I may call it that. After doing my own research I’ve seen the PLUs with 4 numbers starting with 3 or four and agree, it’s all altered in some way either with pesticides, fake fertilizer, or other treatments. 9s are organic, though never seen any 8s. Though words of advice, if it’s seedless, it’s a GMO. God created all fruits and veggies to have the seed inside of it so it may produce after it’s kind (Genesis 1:11-12). However, regarding the PLU number with a 7, I can’t find any information on that as a transitional food. I would love to know more about this since I’ve planted seeds from foods with a 3 or 4 PLU number and would like to know if they can eventually become organic.

  26. 26

    TO Cineo who said she saw a 6 preceding the 9 on an organic label. I ran into this last weekend looking for organic vine tomatoes. All I saw started with a 6 then a 9 so I asked the produce clerk. He said they ARE organic, the 6 denotes that the farmers are paid under the fair trade agreement so they are safe. JUST MAKE SURE THE SECOND DIGIT IS 9. That makes em feel even better-the farmers getting fair wages and we get organic.

  27. 27

    I want to thank you for this site. It confirmed that #3 is GMO
    I was at Sams Club. I looked at Bananas then I looked at the code it was a 3 in front. Very disappointed with them I didn’t purchase those bananas something told me it wasn’t right.
    Again thank you

  28. 28

    @ Judi Young, I am from China , we hate GMO products, now our government is to be very strict with checking of imported seeds from the us . I wished I could bring some cooking oil back because I can’t find good cooking oil in North America , only dare to use grape seed oil or olive oil but they are not good for high temperature cooking .

  29. 29

    A code of 3 cannot possibly mean GMO because as seen on http://superfreshgrowers.com/retailers/plus there can be a 9 in front of a 3 code which means it can be organically grown, therefore, it cannot be a GMO.

  30. 30

    What does anyone think of this?:

    Eight I hate
    Nine is fine
    Three and Four
    Are borderline

  31. 31

    JWA, I like your rhyme!

  32. 32

    Hello, In response to Nicholas Hummel’s (comment #25) assertion that seedless fruits are GMOs, I disagree.

    Seedless crops are produced by human manipulation (asexual reproduction – i.e., grafting – or other means of “breeding” plants, such as hybridizing), and hybrid crops are the result of cross-pollinating two similar plants (which also occurs in nature, btw) rather than by modifying the DNA of plants (this is what “GMO” means).

    According to Mother Earth News: The term “hybrid,” which you’ll often see in seed catalogs, refers to a plant variety developed through a specific, controlled cross of two parent plants. Usually, the parents are naturally compatible varieties within the same species. This hybridization, or the crossing of compatible varieties, happens naturally in the wild; plant breeders basically just steer the process to control the outcome. In contrast, GM varieties (sometimes called “genetically modified organisms,” or “GMOs”) are a whole different animal.

  33. 33

    I have an Envy Apple sticker with the number 3616. So it’s conventional.

  34. 34

    Just because it is seedless does not mean it is genetically modified. I graduated from Iowa State University in 1989 from the college of Agriculture. They began genetic modification in the 1980s, and good ole’ George H.W. Bush, globalist and satanist signed it into law and pushed gmo products, I believe starting with gmo milk, and then corn etc. He is in bed with Satanist companies like Monsanto.
    Seedless products were developed long before gmo’s and were produced by plant breeding and selection, or by taking a natural fluke and then propagating it such as a horticultural variety. This is done with rooted cuttings, grafting, etc such as has been done for millenia.
    I live surrounded by big gmo corn and soybean farmers, thanks to Roundup resistant weeds like palmer ameranth, they have increased the rate of acetachlor herbicides in their preemergent sprays to such a level, that my trees and vegetables burn and defoliate for a month after they spray from volatilization of the chemicals off the field. The gmo foods are poisoning everyone and everything just so people can have cheap food and be extremely sick so they can charge us a fortune on worthless “healthcare”. But when the people that claim to love organic won’t even pay $4 for a dozen of free range organically fed eggs in which there is no profit for the grower, then people get what they want, which is fat, sick and nearly dead. All this is in accord with God’s will for the end of this evil age, preceding the final two eons when God reconciles all to Himself. Study real translations like the concordant literal translation of the Bible to see that God’s judgements are not eternal, but rather pertaining to time. He planned from the beginning for evil to be in the world but to reconcile all things to Himself through His Son.

  35. 35
    Paul Russell:

    I just looked up Cara Cara oranges. They have a plu code beginning in 3, and are not gmo. The are naturally grown. So, emough with the 3s. Each individual produce item is different. 9 generally means organic, I’m pretty sure, however, like I said, each individual item is different. If you are unsure, look up the brand of item seperately and check for yourself.

  36. 36
    Paul Russell:

    It is not required that gmo produce be labled as such, so, wether or not a plu code is 3 or 4, 8 or 9, look up the brand itself and see what comes up. I’d mentioned before that 9s were organic, that I was pretty sure as a general rule, but I found a source that stated that 8s and 9s were designed to indicate organic and gmo respectively. So, I would assume 8s(even though I haven’t come across them) are gmo, and that 9s are organic. However, my only experience with 9 as being organic is a brand of organic Dole bananas I found at Safeway.

  37. 37
    Herb Paulan:

    PLUs that are 4 digits, generally mean that the produce was conventionally grown ie with pesticides. 5 digit PLUs of the 90000 series are organically grown produce. 5 digit PLUs of the 83000 84000 series where reserved for GMO produce, however since the producers of GMO products hafe not used thes codes and are not required to, the 83000 and 84000 series are now used for any non-organic produce. bottom line 90000 series organic ALL others everything else GMO and non-GMO.

  38. 38

    Wow…nobody can agree on any codes here. As for me, I bought a pomegranate with the code 3… and EU/USA product label. As a rule of thumb I avoid anything made in the USA. Europe is supposedly anti GMO. If you open a fruit eg. a pomegranate or tomato..look at the inside. Does it look normal? There are photos of GMO corn, tomatoes etc.. normal and not normal comparisons.etc. I can wash and peel off a pesticide. GMO is the whole thing. Soya is like 90% GMO. Are people even reading labels on other foods? Most people don’t even know what is in a vaccine.

  39. 39

    I have some organic zucchini squash that I bought from Costco. It starts with 8. I’m confused, thought that anything labeled organic could not be from a GMO sourced seed. Am I wrong? Can anyone enlighten me on this?

  40. 40

    I came across a PLU starting with “2″. What does that imply?

  41. 41

    How do I code organically grown produce with an IFPS PLU code? Add a ‘9′ in front of the four digit IFPS PLU code for the conventionally grown item. For example, the IFPS PLU code for a standard yellow banana is 4011 where an organically grown standard yellow banana would be 94011. In the future, the IFPS will begin assigning IFPS PLU codes utilizing the 83000 and 84000 series; however, unlike the ‘9’, the leading digit ‘8’ will have no significance. When this occurs, the 83000 series will be used to assign codes for conventionally grown produce items and the 84000 series will be used to identify the corresponding organic item. Does the IFPS recognize any number other than ‘9’ as the leading 5th digit? No, others may use different numbers, but it is outside of the scope of the IFPS PLU code scheme. What happened to the prefix ‘8’ previously designated to identify GMO produce items? As the adoption of PLU codes has gained traction, the IFPS has committed to transitioning the previously unused ‘8’ prefix to accommodate an increase in varieties of fresh produce items as they enter the market. Though the ‘8’ prefix (83000-84999) was once reserved for GMO produce items, the prefix was never used at retail. Stripping the prefix of this particular designation will yield one thousand additional PLU codes to be used in future years. The 83000 series will be reserved for conventionally grown items where the 84000 series will designate the corresponding organic item. Do the individual numbers in the PLU code indicate anything?
    PLU codes are simply business tools used for inventory control, accurate price rings at the register and data to inform retailers what customers are purchasing. The codes are not intended to convey information to consumers.
    The prefix ‘9’ in front of a 4- digit standard PLU code is used to identify organically grown items, however, to be sure the item is a certified organic product, one should look for the USDA organic seal on the product.
    To identify a specific growing method for a produce item, consumers should consult their produce managers at their retail stores. Do I need to put the name of the commodity/variety or company name on the IFPS PLU sticker? No, the IFPS PLU coding system is a voluntary system and is used primarily for POS (point-of-sale) identification at the retailer. The only requirement for the sticker is the 4- or 5- digit number. If there is enough retail space on the sticker, you can place whatever else you’d like to place on the sticker but, as noted above, users are responsible for the due diligence required to ensure market requirements are met.
    Download pdf using this link.

  42. 42

    We got tomatoes that were marked as organic at Whole Foods, but the label actually started with 6 followed by 9. We left for vacation for a month and by accident left the tomatoes on the table. They were not refrigerated for more than a month! We came back and the tomatoes looked as if we just bought them. They are not organic!

  43. 43

    Well I checked my fruits all of them are labelled but with no numbers at all

  44. 44
    Raghu Johar:

    To be more safe, it is best to dip all fruits or raw vegetables in boiling water and then eat.

  45. 45
    annie helms:

    don’t believe you can wash or peel pesticides off, they are absorbed into the rest of the plant, not just the outside

  46. 46

    I got Waitrose Duchy Organic Celery . The bar code starts with a 5 – what does that mean? Is there anyway of telling whereabouts in Spain it was grown?

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