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Radio Functions Better On Top of West Mountain Over Hot Springs, AR

Tyler and I drove up West Mountain to get a good view of the city and to test a handheld radio from Hot Springs National Park.


Captured a couple radio operators talking about cooking greens with sugar, at 146.940 MHz. From home, at a lower elevation, I rarely hear anything on this frequency, but upon West Mountain, I heard a clear conversation. Being up on a mountain allows us to listen better to the radio waves. Imagine how much better reception of radio communications might be from satellites in position above the earth!


From the mountain we could see some of the city of Hot Springs and a water tower.

We received waves with a portable radio (Yaesu VX-8R) from upon West Mountain in Garland County, in the city of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

We heard workers at a gambling location, the Oaklawn Race Track, talking on their radios at 152.350 MHz. This frequency I can also receive down at home, so it is nothing special to hear this station from upon the mountain.

My time was short on this mountain. I would like to return to West Mountain and try transmitting.


GPS Coordinates: 34.50839557497323,-93.06844711303711
Map of trails on West Mountain (from www.nps.gov/hosp/planyourvisit/upload/westmtn_trails.pdf)

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