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I’m glad I don’t drink Monster

I had a strange dream…. I picked up a beverage can and it felt too heavy to contain only liquid. I used a can opener to remove the top and look inside. There was a living rat in the can!

When I woke up, I wondered about the dream and decided to search the internet to see if anyone has ever had this experience. Has anyone actually found a rodent inside a soda can?

And my search quickly found someone claiming they found a dead mouse in a drink can!


Watch video….

Man Finds Dead Mouse In Can Of ‘Monster’ Energy Drink

The Monster Beverage Company might have given a good response, but I will continue to stay away from a drink that is called “Monster”.

By the way, some Monster cans have the words: “Unleash the Beast”. The bible says the world will forsake the true and living God and worship a beast. Turn away from your sins and turn toward the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved!

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