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All men entered the world the same way.


We were born of a woman.
And the first woman came from a man. [ Genesis 2:21-23 ]

Pray for Trump

Pray that man would defend the rights of innocent children yet to be born on this earth, as we were.

Pray that Trump would work to reverse the evil choices of our previous leaders. And pray that mothers would love their children. [ Titus 2:4 ] There is power in words. Use them in a prayer asking God for his mercy on the United States and the for rest of the world. We have sinned by killing the innocent and our nation will be judged. Pray for forgiveness and mercy.

Ironically, when I was younger I thought abortion was acceptable because I believed in the lie of evolution. I was wrong. Each baby is a soul created by God. It is sin to kill the innocent. If women don’t want their babies, God will send loving parents to adopt those babies. Many will die in our nation in the coming judgement because they chose death and supported the killing of others. A man reaps what he sows. Choose life, not death.

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