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Marty Came Out of Jail With Nothing – Samaritan Ministries Helped

I heard something good about Samaritan Ministries, the homeless shelter for men in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I met with a man named Marty today, and he said he came out of jail with nothing. He wants to stay sober so he is avoiding the old crowds on the streets. Samaritan Ministries is giving him a temporary place to sleep. He said they are feeding him good food and he has chapel every night with some good preaching. He hopes he can get work soon and says he is trusting the Lord.

Some homeless men I talk with don’t want to stay at the shelter. When I ask them why, no one has ever given me a substantial complaint. For example, one homeless man said he doesn’t want to be at the shelter because the other men “fart and burp”. I understand the shelter is not an ideal place to live, but as a temporary shelter, isn’t it better than sleeping outside on the streets? It was good to hear something positive today from Marty about Samaritan Ministries.

Please pray that God would continue to guide our homeless people into a better way of life. Jesus is our Shepherd. And we all, like sheep, have gone astray and gone our own way. We need our Shepherd’s guidance daily. May God also bless Samaritan Ministries for caring for our poor brothers.

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