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UPC (Universal Product Code) contains 666 in every barcode

Vector Bar Code

UPC (Universal Product Code) contains 666 in every barcode

Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIAJuXtVY3Q

Military should be used to save lives instead of being used to end lives


It is good to see part of the military: the national guard, being used to save lives instead of being used to end lives.


In the Louisiana flooding of August 2016, the national guard worked to rescue people.


Watch videos….

Louisiana National Guard helps residents evacuate flood area

Louisana National Guard rescues citizens trapped by flooding


Spirits building a house inside man’s chest


What ignorant scientists do not want to admit: The spiritual world is real! Hear a testimony of what a Shaman saw in the spirit world in this fascinating documentary of a witch doctor that turned to Jesus….


This testimony comes from Venezuela in the 1970s….

Download H.264 video (329 MB)


Original page where video was found:

The Yanomami, Yanamamo, Yanomam, and Sanuma might be considered four subdivisions of Indians which live in the tropical rain forest of Southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil.

Lost in a refugee camp


People struggle to live in refugee camps in Calais, France. Some get on the highways and try to sneak into the back of a truck to escape.


In the video (link below), a woman teaches the immigrants to speak French, to say, “I’m lost. Show me the way.” Jesus is the way! Please pray for these lost people.

Video link

I pray that God would provide a solution that would keep the truck drivers safe and would also help the immigrants find their way to safety. In Jesus’ name I pray…. Amen! You also, please pray that God would provide a solution!

What life is really like in Israel (and Palestine)


This is a good documentary showing what life is really like in Israel (and Palestine):

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Stealing chickens off a truck in Venezuela

Are they starving? Does the woman wearing the blue shirt, which appears to be slipping above her belly, look like she will die in the next few days if she does not grab some chickens?

Watch video:

If people would first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness, they would be fed. Stealing live animals off a truck is not seeking the kingdom of God, and people will perish when they seek to save their own lives. [Luke 17:33] Stay righteous, trust the Lord, and he will feed you. [Matthew 6:31-33]

Performing Abortions with Stinky Breath

Man who performs abortions has stinky breath and acts like he is possessed. (The abortion of babies in utero was made legal by the United States government.)


Watch video:

Radio Functions Better On Top of West Mountain Over Hot Springs, AR

Tyler and I drove up West Mountain to get a good view of the city and to test a handheld radio from Hot Springs National Park.

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Cell Phones Pinged by Law Enforcement to Find Our Location


While listening to the radio waves, I captured this audio from the sheriff department or police department. What the officer said surprised me. He said they pinged a suspect’s cell phone to find his location. This radio transmission showed me that law enforcement has the ability to hunt suspects down using cell phones. Listen to the audio for yourself….
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So Many Cute Cats At Shelter Waiting for Adoption

See how many cats are packed into just one room. Watch the video….
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Thrift Shop Supports Women and Children In Crisis

Potter’s Clay

The thrift shop is on Malvern Avenue up the street from the library. Sportsman’s Barber Shop is across the street.

Potter’s Clay Ministries
110 Crescent Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901
(501) 624-1366

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Snow in Arkansas ~ Fun for Children But Not Fun for Chickens

Tyler examines the snow accumulating on an all-electric Ford Ranger.

Tyler examines the snow accumulating on an all-electric Ford Ranger.

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