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Radio Functions Better On Top of West Mountain Over Hot Springs, AR

Tyler and I drove up West Mountain to get a good view of the city and to test a handheld radio from Hot Springs National Park.

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Cell Phones Pinged by Law Enforcement to Find Our Location


While listening to the radio waves, I captured this audio from the sheriff department or police department. What the officer said surprised me. He said they pinged a suspect’s cell phone to find his location. This radio transmission showed me that law enforcement has the ability to hunt suspects down using cell phones. Listen to the audio for yourself….
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So Many Cute Cats At Shelter Waiting for Adoption

See how many cats are packed into just one room. Watch the video….
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Thrift Shop Supports Women and Children In Crisis

Potter’s Clay

The thrift shop is on Malvern Avenue up the street from the library. Sportsman’s Barber Shop is across the street.

Potter’s Clay Ministries
110 Crescent Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901
(501) 624-1366

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Snow in Arkansas ~ Fun for Children But Not Fun for Chickens

Tyler examines the snow accumulating on an all-electric Ford Ranger.

Tyler examines the snow accumulating on an all-electric Ford Ranger.

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Vote: What is on the ballot?

November 4, 2014 Election

Here is how I plan to vote. I am no expert on all these issues, but this is what I think after praying about it.

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Dog On Premises at St. Johns Catholic Church

Why does the sign not say God on premises?

Why does the sign not say God on premises?

Where is God? He is not in a building made by human hands. God is too big and too great to be constrained to one building. And God is against people making graven images and bowing down to them…

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Source of City Water for Hot Springs, Arkansas

The city government, the City of Hot Springs, sent an interesting letter in the mail with the latest water bill. The city is planning to secure an additional source of water from Lake DeGray.

The letter reminded me to give thanks to God for the water we currently have, which I sometimes take for granted. Our water quality seems good, especially after using a filter in the kitchen.

I was surprised to learn the current sources of water, which I guess I never thought much about. I think I am most surprised that I didn’t ask before: where does our water come from? I know that our Lord God provides the water, but where does man intake the water, to later process in the water treatment plant? The letter listed the current intake sources of water for Hot Springs as:

  1. Lake Ricks or Ricks Lake
  2. Ouachita River

Lake Ricks Map Source: http://cast.uark.edu/local/swap/products/s209102.pdf

I know nothing about Ricks Lake, but I guess we have been drinking water from there. In 2012 we had a drought, which reminds me to thank the Lord Jesus again for a much better year of rainfall in 2014.

Oaklawn Race Track – Man Passes Out at Machine

A man was at a machine and passed out, then fell out of his chair, according to this radio broadcast, on or near Jan-11-2014 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Next, someone called an EMT.

Download MP3 audio (0.5 MB)
Download OGG audio (0.5 MB)

Gambling for the love of money, passing out, falling down, and requiring medical care: Is this fun? I have had my share of misery from bad choices, too, but I thank the Lord Jesus for giving me peace, and I hope that this man recovers.

Hot Springs Arkansas National Park – Fountains of Living Water

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Whittington Creek Enters Underground Water Tunnel

Inside the tunnel looking out. Join me and my children as we explore, finding where Whittington Creek enters a dark man-made tunnel. I also share an idea on one way to share truth.
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Chattanooga Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

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